Need help with your tax forms and filings? Need help understanding your tax situation? Want help in identifying ways to reduce your tax burden? Need representation to help with the IRS or other taxing authority? Are you considering expanding your business beyond Indiana and are unsure of the tax requirements/implications?

LCPA can help with all of the above questions and many more. Almost every decision you make as a business owner results in tax implications or consequences. Before you make an important decision, we can help you understand what it means from a tax perspective and how to best minimize your tax liabilities while achieving your business needs.

For a firm of our size, LCPA is uniquely and deeply specialized in Multi-state taxation.  Whether you are considering expanding your business to new states or are already operating in multiple states, we can help you to determine your filing responsibility and appropriate tax liabilities.

Our goal is to help you preserve your assets and minimize your tax liabilities. Of course, we provide all the traditional tax compliance services and handle all the necessary forms and filings as well, including tax returns for corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, individuals, estates and trusts.

Tax Services

  • Income Tax planning and compliance for businesses and individuals
  • Multi-state tax planning and compliance for businesses and individuals
  • Exempt organizations (not-for-profits)
  • Payroll tax compliance, including preparation of W-2s, 1099s, and other common payroll filings
  • Estate, gift and trust planning and compliance
  • Business start-up planning, including choosing the best entity structure and filing the requisite forms
  • Business succession planning
  • Mergers, acquisitions or sale of business
  • Income tax provision assistance and support
  • Sales & Use taxes
  • Personal property taxes for all states