LCPA serves a variety of clients from small to large in many different and diverse industries including manufacturing, professional services, construction, trucking, and many more. We work with a lot of small clients, such as sole proprietorships and S-corporations, many of whom have relatively new businesses with revenues less than $50,000. Of course, we also provide services to large clients, some of which generate over $50 million in revenue.

We also have the expertise and experience with companies operating in many states around the country. For example, we have one client who operates in 35 states and we handle all of the state income tax planning and compliance as well as property tax returns.

Our practice also includes a sizeable base of individual clients, many of whom are connected to the businesses we serve.

Our personal and dedicated approach to client service has earned us the position of trusted business advisor to our clients and we encourage clients to contact us whenever they are considering a significant business decision so that we can help them analyze the best course of action.