Is completing your payroll an administrative burden? Are you afraid you may not be withholding the proper amounts for employment taxes? Need help computing your payroll tax liabilities and/or filing the appropriate forms?

We have professionals with years of payroll experience who will ensure your payroll needs are completed timely and accurately. Our team can help you ensure you are in compliance with Federal, state, and local withholding and filing requirements. Payroll is an area where many companies fail to understand their responsibilities and that often leads to penalties being assessed. We will work with you to help you avoid incurring those penalties. Of course, we are always at your disposal when questions arise.

Payroll Services

  • Federal, state and local payroll forms filing
  • New hire processing and administration
  • Custom reports available
  • Job costing of payroll
  • Payroll checks or direct deposit
  • Payment of employment taxes
  • Year-end W-2s and form 1099s
  • Garnishment management
  • Direct payments to HSA accounts and/or retirement accounts
  • Audits of pension, workman’s compensation, and insurance